J-model Automatic Mechanical & Electrical System, the Computer, Online Network & Robotic Operator. Better known as Conro James Norock, CEO of Conro Corp and robot sarcasm master.

Legally married to Gardevoir, apparently.

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The words you’re looking for are “wrong opinions.”

that’s pulled out when shit gets real heated

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Anonymous asked the pilot: but they are just opinions you disagree with not bad opinions??? a bad opinion would be like saying hitler was a hero to man kind

Well, yes. There’s really no explicitly bad opinions, other than ones made out of spite and misinformation. Everyone is entitled to their own views.

Mine happen to be that everyone is wrong and that I am the best.


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Anonymous asked the pilot: bad opinions more like opinions you disagree with

exactly, that’s what makes them bad

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What did the Japanese girl call her transformer brother?




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Great ways to lose friends

  • Discuss your favourite Shin Megami Tensei title

Go play a real atlus game like etrian odyssey

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wow there’s all kinds of bad opinions on my dash tonight